SAFETY ALERT: Your abuser can monitor your use of your computer and the Internet. If you are in danger, please use a safer computer, call 911 or the Minnesota Domestic Violence Crisis Line at 1-866-223-1111 if you are in Minnesota. If you live outside of Minnesota call the National Domestic Violence Hotline: 1-800-799-SAFE (7233).

Who are we?

Bridges to Safety is domestic abuse service center located in St. Paul, Minnesota. We serve victims/surivors of domestic violence from Ramsey County. We are a program of the Partnership for Domestic Abuse Services, a collaborative of 18 member agencies.

We are unique - Bridges to Safety is one of the only domestic abuse service centers in the United States that is a true collaborative of many different organizations working together to end domestic violence.

Where is Bridges to Safety located?

Thanks to the generosity of the Saint Paul Mayor Chris Coleman, Bridges to Safety is located at the Saint Paul City Hall in the heart of downtown, 15 West Kellogg Boulevard, Room 140.

What is a domestic abuse service center?

A center where advocacy programs, community organizations, and governmental agencies join together under one roof to provide safety and promote justice for domestic violence victims and their children and hold abusers accountable.

Why does Ramsey County need Bridges to Safety?

When all services for domestic violence victims are located in one convenient location, survivors more readily access and receive the critical help they need in a timely fashion.

When domestic violence advocates, attorneys, law enforcement, corrections, and judicial systems are in constant communication with each other and are located in proximity to each other, abusers are more likely to be held accountable for their abuse.

What is the history of the Partnership for Domestic Abuse Services and Bridges to Safety?

Please go here to read more about our history and accomplishments.

What services do you provide at Bridges to Safety?

Bridges to Safety provides personal and legal advocacy, filing of Orders for Protection, civil legal services, police and prosecution consultation, child care while participants are receiving services, and referral to shelter, permanent and transitional housing, employment, supervised visitation, personal counseling, and other community partners. For more information about getting help at Bridges to Safety, go here.

How is the Partnership for Domestic Abuse Services governed?

We are a collaborative of 18 St. Paul and Ramsey County agencies, bound together by a long and successful history of working together and by an interagency agreement.

Our collaborative is led by a Governance Committee of St. Paul and Ramsey County leaders in the work to end domestic violence.

2019 Governance Committee Members:

Shelley Johnson Cline, St. Paul Domestic Abuse Intervention Project
Rosario de la Torre, Casa de Esperanza  
Joseph Ambroson, Southern Minnesota Regional Legal Services
Amanda Jameson, Second Judicial District Domestic Abuse and Harassment Office
Maria DeWolf, St. Paul City Attorney's Office
Kelley Hempel, FamilyWise

Our fiscal sponsor is the St. Paul Domestic Abuse Intervention Project, a highly respected nonprofit St. Paul criminal justice domestic violence advocacy project.